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Envirosense Hungary Ltd.

Envirosense Hungary Ltd. is a remote sensing specialist – especially focusing on the process of aerial sensed inputs. Our spin-off company, through its own intellectual property and with strong collaboration of experts from national and international research institutes is working on product development that is impossible with traditional field surveys or would need large resource inputs.

Our company focuses on aerial hyperspectral imagery, airborne laser scanning (LiDAR), UAV applications and aerial digital imagery. Our experts are also well experienced with field measurements for aerial data validation or production. For data processing and product development our expert team is working together with numerous local and international research institutes, universities and private companies to ensure the most modern and effective technologies from the available ones to our customers. The many years of data processing experience enabled us to test and develop new methods, to expandthe time limitsto shorten the production time and to improve accuracy compared to traditional solutions.

Envirosense Hungary Ltd.made numerous domestic and international remote sensing campaigns and provides specialised products and solutions for diverse fields of use, like agriculture, vinery, forestry, water management, mining industry, environmental protection, industry, the energy sector, archaeology and tasks related to the work of municipalities as well. Our main principle is to provide personalised solutions that fulfil the customers’ needs, always considering the highest available quality.

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