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Investigations related to industry, energy sector and environmental protection are strongly connected considering remote sensing applications. Measurements realized through aerial remote sensing technologies provide data about the condition and characteristics of facilities of industry and energetics and their surroundings, potential areas for new investments (basic data and monitoring) and incidental industrial catastrophes. High precision and resolution digital data can be produced and various thematic maps by processing this data. Aerial remote sensing technologies gives the basis to develop several applications to investigate renewable energy resources. The produced data and information is identifiable, searchable, up-to-date and can be monitored.

Potential applications:

  • Industrial companies
  • Energy sector
  • Municipalities
  • Environmental agencies and authorities
  • Environmental enterprises
  • Environmental research institutes
  • Insurance companies
Field of applicationTechnology
Examining industrial facilities
Assessing industrial accidents
Identifying surface pollution sources
Mapping pollutions (e.g.: surface oil spills, mining activities)
Mapping linear structures (e.g.: roads and railroads)
Mapping power-lines
Identifying illegal waste dumps
Solar potential analysis of built-in areas
Estimating parameters of biomass determination of arboreal species (e.g.: height, canopy size and density)
Surveys connected to renewable energy investments (e.g.: elevation above sea level, relief, aspect, run-off, etc.)
Soil mapping and soil pollution analyses
Detecting aerosols in the atmosphere
Examining the environmental effects of urbanisation
Noise mapping
Environmental assessment and monitoring

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