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Field of application

Urban planning

Measurements provided by one of the various forms of aerial remote sensing technologies can allow urban planners to harness the spatial data of a given settlement (clears and peripheries). Using this data is a vital part of solving many problems associated with urban planning and development (such as planning, real estate registries, operational difficulties, detecting illegal waste deposits, environmental protection, employing renewable resources, flood control, and disaster management, etc.), and can provide answers for questions regarding external investments (relief, aspect, soil characteristics, etc.). The data can be used to produce thematic digital maps and layers, and by analysing together with investors, can serve as the basis for many different kinds of solutions and pilot projects.

Potential applications:

  • Municipalities
  • Urban planning
  • Regional authorities
Field of applicationTechnology
Urban mapping
Making building cadastres
Façade evaluation
Estimating solar potential
Determining the height of artificial edifices
Surveying urban green areas
Surveying sewage systems
Detecting illegal waste deposits
Noise mapping
Information for industrial uses and development
Data used in infrastructure development
Raw data for urban planning and development
Data used for urban management
Determining landuse categories outside the settlement
Surveying linear structures

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