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Field of application

Water management

Tasks related to the management plans of catchment areas often require the standardized assessment of watercourses and their environment in order to ensure accurate planning of river-bed maintenance, to improve hydro-meteorological forecast, to give the possibility of better preparation to flood-control-related protocols and to help the environmental protection and water management efforts related to a given water-body. Through the process and analysis of images assessed via aerial remote sensing technologies data can be provided that is applicable to produce flood models, to identify inland water and closed basins, to map flood-control-related facilities, to assess floodplains, to identify invasive weeds. The produced data supports the decisions connected to the upgrade and preparation of management plans, the analysis of the actual state of the defence system and contributes to a more effective water management practice.

Potential applications:

  • Water management authorities
  • Disaster management
  • Real estate and council authorities
Field of applicationTechnology
Run-off models for floodplains and areas threatened by floods
Flood maps (of flooded and non-flooded areas, useful in case of disaster events at built-up areas)
Monitoring of floodplains (e.g.: determine landuse categories, identify vegetation growing intensity, identify species composition)
Checking the condition of flood-control-related facilities
Surface roughness analysis
Catchment modelling
Planning and monitoring of underground construction
Limnology maps

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