Drought monitoring using satellite images

Record-breaking temperatures and a persistent lack of rainfall in our country led to a severe drought
by the end of the summer.
As shown in the two images comparing 2021 and 2022, there are significant regional differences,
with the situation being particularly critical in the central and eastern parts of Hungary.
Biomass indices calculated from satellite imagery accurately show areas affected by drought. The
deviations from the annual average at plot level indicate the current status of the vegetation, even
with daily updates. Stocks that have already suffered from lack of rainfall and high daytime
temperatures at the beginning of the dry season are clearly visible.
Spring-sown crops (maize, sunflower) grown on a large area in our country, in those areas where
there was no irrigation, reached a critical state by the end of the summer.
Satellite images can also be used to monitor the magnitude and spatial extent of changes in