Even maize harvesting can be monitored

Monitoring the harvest of arable crops with traditional techniques is very costly, as it requires
continuous monitoring of a large area and the volume of the harvest can change dynamically even on
a daily basis.
Thanks to the data provided by active radar systems, satellite technologies can continuously monitor
surface changes even in cloudy weather. Using active and passive satellite data, our company has
developed a harvest monitoring system with nationwide available data. Using various satellite
imagery, a monthly updated crop map is produced and biomass changes can be monitored on pre-
selected parcels.
The data content of our zone maps is regularly updated with the most precise technological
background, so we can report sudden changes immediately.
Corn harvest between 02.09.2021 and 04.10.2021
(Legend: “Összes terület” = total area; “Betakarított terület” = harvested area; “Összes/betakarított
terület arány” = total/harvested area rate; “Összes betakarított termés” = Total harvested yield)
The current status of harvest can be calculated with high accuracy from different types of satellite
images. We are currently mapping the nationwide harvest of cereals, sunflower, rapeseed and maize
on a weekly basis. The attached figure shows the weekly change in the harvest of maize fields in the
Hajdúság sample area in the Northern Great Plain Region of Hungary between 02.09.2021 and
04.10.2021. For the calculation of the yield data from the regional data, the county average
published by the NAK in 2020 was used. The map is updated continuously until the end of the
With our service, you can get an accurate picture of the current state of the harvest with weekly
updates, giving you unique.