Surveying industrial parks

In all cases, the preparation and implementation of greenfield projects (in particular trail installations
and industrial parks) raise a number of issues that justify the use and production of geodetic data:
 water management in the development area (runoff conditions, designating the route of
stormwater drainage ditches, capacity planning)
 earthworks in the development area (e.g. backfilling of depressions, raising the general
ground level, land use planning)
 construction of linear infrastructure (sewers, roads, pipeline networks)
 designation of the location of firewater storages
 knowledge of the existing built and unbuilt environment
 the extent, composition and amount of vegetation in the development area
 changes in the area (new buildings, changes in land use planning, changes in runoff
conditions and modeling)
 interactions with the environment of the development site (e.g. water management
properties of the environment, vegetation conditions)
These questions arise during the technical preparation, planning, or even during the preparation of
the environmental impact assessment. Currently, to answer these questions, field geodetic
measurements are used, whereby the geodesist takes a relatively small number of measurements
per unit area in the field to produce the basic data and design base maps needed by engineers to
produce technically accurate plans, sketches, site plans and maps. The drawback of the current
practice is that it is even extremely time-consuming (several days or several weeks), unit costs per
area are high and limited area performance capability (it can only measure a maximum area per unit
time). However, the biggest problem is that investor’s demand requires data to be provided quickly,
but the data is not available, and the organization and implementation of fieldwork is time-
Envirosense Hungary Ltd., as a specialist in aerial surveys, offers its partners a solution to prepare
their investments quickly and effectively. Our company not only produces highly accurate and
detailed orthophotos of investment areas, but also high-precision aerial geodetic measurements.
This is accomplished using aerial laser scanning, which can measure up to 30-50 points per square
meter, and highly accurate digital surface models from the measurements are automatically
generated. The survey is carried out over large areas, so measurements are available for an entire
municipality and its surroundings, providing maps and information for planning and for
environmental impact assessments quickly and professionally. The data is real time available; the
preparation and planning work can be started immediately. Our data also contributed to the
planning and development of the BMW factory in Debrecen.
If you are interested in our solution, please visit our map browser (, where you can
view map databases from our surveys.
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