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Case study

Identifying damages caused by inland water and wildlife in agricultural fields

Identify areas affected by damages from wildlife or from inland water based on aerial hyperspectral imaging and orthophotos in agricultural fields.

Development of applications by using remote sensing data in forestry

Identification of individual trees in the forest and detecting their physical attributes (trunk diameter, height, volume, etc.)

Mapping of vineyards with aerial remote sensing technologies

Optimization of grape and wine production, realization of more effective decision support, mapping the environmental parameters of vineyards, producing digital thematic maps.

Producing 3D building models, realty cadastre mapping

Mapping urban areas with aerial sensors, producing building 3D models for construction monitoring and other city management processes.

Classifying surface cover types and mapping rainwater volumetric capacity

Classifying surface cover types of urban areas (green areas, uncovered areas, areas with artificial surface cover) and modelling rainwater ditches, determine rainwater volumetric capacity.

Identifying roofs containing asbestos

Identify hazardous asbestos roof surfaces in urban areas and calculate the geometric parameters of the affected roofs.

Tree-stem volume estimation in forestry

Identification of position and height of individual species in forests based on remote sensing data and by implementing this information to statistical calculations determine the stem volume of the analysed stand.

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