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Aerial digital imagery

Orthophotographs offer the advantage to represent earth surface without distortion (because advanced corrections and processing are applied). Thus they allow the identification and the accurate mapping of geographic features (e.g. buildings, roads, vegetation, landmarks, etc) in geographic information systems (GIS).

The production process ensures the correct positioning of the individual images (by aerial triangulation), tilting is limited by the use of the central part of the images, every pixel is orthorectified (a correction made to tackle distortion caused by terrain elevation), and finally radiometry and color balancing techniques are applied.

The final product is characterized by the number of bands (R,G,B and IR (possibly)) and by its spatial and spectral resolution.

It is possible to combine the use of a digital camera and laser scanner on-board aircraft. This configuration offers two advantages. First a digital elevation model can be produced (see the LiDAR technology description overview). Second, the terrain distortions can be corrected by using an up to date DTM, ensuring the highest geometrical accuracy of the orthophoto dataset.

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