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The alert service for farmers of Generali Insurance Group has started

From 1. April the agricultural insurance package of Generali includes a new service.

The GeoRisk decision support system of Generali Insurance group – which has been developed in collaboration with our company – now not just only helps in damage inspection activities. From 1. April the service includes a satellite based alert package. By using the service, the system sends an alarm message via SMS or email to the farmers, if a change in the vegetation or an extreme weather event are automatically detected on the given parcel. The alert gives the possibility of immediate mitigation actions. Next to the alert service, other functions of GeoRisk are also available to the farmers. Changes in parcel conditions and biomass increase or decrease can be monitored. The alert package is serviced for farmers till 1. October in case of the following crops: cereals, rapeseed, sunflower and corn. For further information please visit the following link:


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