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Infrastructure improvements at Envirosense

Year 2020 was started with a great improvement of our infrastructure by purchasing new equipment.

The trending continuous IT developments and the need to retain our competitiveness indicates great challenges that can be overcome by improving our infrastructure and equipment. We are proudly announce that 2020 was started with great improvement of our infrastructure to effectively fulfil the requirements of our customers and produce modern and novel solutions with high quality services. During the last quarter of 2019 we started to plan the upgrade of our technological background, but the preparation processes only finished in January and the purchase of new equipment realized in 2020. Our technology is improved with brand new Riegl VQ780ii airborne laserscanner and a connected Novatel inertial GPS/GNSS navigation system. Accordingly, this infrastructure is competitive in the European market as well and contributes to reach the goals of our long term business strategy.

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