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Crop map

The purpose of the crop map is to create a map layer that shows the location of arable crops in the current year at national level. The map layer can be created at multiple times according to the development conditions of the culture.

Life cycle chronology map

A series of maps for crop growth monitoring. A series of colored composites and biomass intensity maps that cover the vegetation period of the given plant.

Change detection map

A map layer to identify changes in condition of a plant, presenting changes over a selected period. It is capable to identify relevant changes that have occurred in the specified area for a specific reason, location, or time period.

Vegetation index map

The vegetation index map provides information on the current state of vegetation. Different vegetation indices examine the condition of vegetation from different perspectives (eg. general condition of biomass, plant diseases, etc.).

Yield estimation map

Various targeted vegetation indices are evaluated and weather conditions and annual reference yields are analysed to estimate the annual yield. The target plot is depicted and analyzed by the used descriptive data, and based on these the annual yield is estimated.

Yield Map

The yield map represents the yield data calculated using on-field yield measurements. The sampling procedure and the production of the yield map is carried out based on standard protocols for each particular crop.

Damaged area map

A map layer to spatially identify the effects of a severe weather or other (harmful) event on a given parcel, or to accurately represent the spatial extent of a biomass loss.

Management zone map

The management zone helps to delimit the areas requiring different treatment to result optimum yield. The map layer considers time-varying development of the target plot and plot-heterogeneity, thus underdeveloped areas can be identified.

Water Cover Map

Targeted spectral indices and other spectral information to identify water surfaces can assist the effective classication of contiguous water surfaces, thereby identifying, for example, inland water areas of agricultural lands. Accordingly, detected water spots can also be represented on maps.

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