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Urban relief model

A three-dimensional represantation of the relief of urban areas interpolated from soil class points of the classified LiDAR point cloud. It is available in raster format according to the customer needs.

Urban surface model

A three-dimensional representation of the absolute height of vegetation and the buildings in urban environment interpolated from real surface points of the classified LiDAR point cloud. It is available in raster format according to customer needs.

Urban covered surface model

A three-dimensional representation of the relative height of vegetation and built objects from the ground level calculated by the difference between the digital surface model and the terrain model. It is available in raster format according to customer needs.

Urban ground elevation points (Grid)

A vector grid model with lower spatial resolution (5,10,20 or 50 m) generated by the (LiDAR) terrain model, representing the elevation values of the terrain.

Urban green space cadastre

A vector or raster image representing vegetation-covered surfaces of urban areas, based on high-resolution aerial remote sensing data.

Asbestos roof cadastre

Aerial hyperspectral and LiDAR data generated urban asbestos roof database as a result of complex image processing.

Roof cadastre

3D roof structure models with LOD2 detail containing geometric information (extent, orientation, slope).

3D Building Models (LOD2)

CityGML compatible building models with LOD2 detail based on aerial LiDAR data and orthophotos. The building models are represented by detailed roof structures.

3D photorealistic mesh model

Photorealistic 3D textured mesh data from oblique and nadir aerial photographs, produced by photogrammetry. In urban areas, the facades of buildings are also well represented.

Real estate cadastre (building footprints)

Polygon vector data derived from high resolution aerial imagery and LiDAR data that contains the outlines of buildings that can be identified in the area. Comparable with property register data.

Surface cover category map

Vector data containing surface coverage categories generated by object-based image classification based on aerial LiDAR and multispectral aerial images. Typical Classes: asphalt surfaces, paving surfaces, lawn, bushy area, woody vegetation, water surfaces, other coverings.

Incoming radiation quantity map

Raster data derived from an urban surface model representing the amount of incoming global radiation on the given surfaces and objects.

Rainwater load map

Vector data derived from an urban terrain model that identifies areas that are loaded by rainfall and poor drainage based on land cover data and slope conditions.

Urban tree cadastre

A vector database made from aerial LiDAR data. Each tree unit is represented by dots, and the height and canopy diameter of the individuals are belong to points as an attribute. In the case of hyperspectral data, the species of each individual tree can also be defined and assigned to points as attributes.

Map of critical height objects

A covered surface model containing the relative height of the objects and intersections or polygon of a plane with a client-deifned height. Map of objects above a given terrain.

Powerline models

Vector polyline elements and modeled columns mounted on high-voltage wires selected from high point density LiDAR point clouds. For planning and monitoring power line networks in built-in areas.

Sections of drainage ditches, canals

Cross and longitudinal sections formed from LiDAR point cloud from points belong to soil, drainage ditches and canals.

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