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Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

A surface model derived from the LiDAR data points

Tree Height Model (THM)

The difference between the surface (DSM) and the highest point of the canopy


Determination of undergrowth below canopy from LiDAR data.

Slope category

Relief inclination in degrees


Surface containing aspect values that is scaled clockwise and begin with a value of N (0-359)

RGB orthophoto

Orthophoto in visible spectral region in EOV or UTM projection system

NIR orthophoto

False color orthophoto containing near infrared channel, in EOV or UTM projection system

Tree species map

Suitable for tree species classification of the upper canopy level, includes tree species within each canopy border.

Power lines

Vector polyline elements and modeled poles fitted on high-voltage wires derived from high-density LiDAR point clouds. For planning and monitoring power line networks.

Power line opening

Identification of openings surrounding power lines

Contour lines on any polygon

Vector dataset generated from the (LiDAR) terrain model that links the surface elevation points of the same height.

Tree position

Determination of the position of each tree based on the canopy model and log detection

Canopy closure thematics

Canopy closure of forest subcompartments, calculated from canopy models and available on forest subcompartment boundaries

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