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Alarm service in damaged areas

During the continuous monitoring of client-defined parcels, a notice is being sent of sudden changes. This allows the customer to become aware of any incidents or other events in the area that may adversely affect expected yields, and intervente as soon as possible.

Area calculation, area drawing

A target tool that allows the user to draw a user-defined target area(s) on a base map in a web platform.

Projection conversion

As a result of the projection conversion service, input coordinates (eg. results of GPS measurements) are converted to EOV (Hungarian Proejection System).

Field monitoring

During continuous monitoring of client-defined parcels, we provide information on parcel development, changes, and location of underdeveloped or outstanding areas.

Processing of UAV images

Processing of raw UAV images assessed by the user and delivering the endproducts.

Mapping areas using aerial remote sensing techniques

Upon request, aerial remote sensing (UAV) survey of target plots, processing and evaluation of collected images.

Field sampling for crop yield determination

Sampling of client-definied target plotsed by using standar smapling protorocols determinted for each. Performing yield estimation based on the results.

Plant monitoring expertise

Produce a chronology map series for client-defined target plots based on satellite data analysis, analysis of biomass changes, identification of undeveloped areas, and provision of expertise about the area.

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