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Our Export Development project has been funded


Our “Introducing the innovative forest management services of Envirosense Hungary Ltd. to the European market” entitled Export Development project has been funded.

Our EUREKA project received national funding


Our “Development of a methodology to identify bark beetle infestations based on multi-sensor remote sensing” entitled EUREKA project received national funds.

The alert service for farmers of Generali Insurance Group has started


From 1. April the agricultural insurance package of Generali includes a new service.

Recent successful aerial campaign above Budapest


Aerial laserscanned data with geodetic accuracy and digital orthophotos were produced to Budapest agglomeration.

Common developments with Prokat Mérnöki Iroda Ltd.


Our company contributes to the “Development of a precision soil mapping information system” entitled project of Prokat Mérnöki Iroda Ltd.

Infrastructure improvements at Envirosense


Year 2020 was started with a great improvement of our infrastructure by purchasing new equipment.

A short review of our year - 2019


We had a successful year in 2019!



Envirosense was represented on WHISPERS, the most deterministic conference of hyperspectral imagery.

InterGEO 2019 trade fair, Suttgart


Representing Envirosense third time at Intergeo 2019 in Stuttgart.

New product and service for the agricultural sector and food industry


Our product portfolio is expanded with a new product. The national crop map has additive value for several fields of application.

Generali’s GeoRisk – Decision support system for agricultural insurance and damage inspection


Generali Insurance Group in collaboration with Envirosense is developing and operating an agricultural damage inspections decision support system.

Workshop at Oradea


„Use of digital geographic data and free GIS software”

2019 ESA Living Planet Symposium


„How Earth Observation contributes to science and society”

European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2019


Envirosense Hungary Ltd. was represented at the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2019 in April 2019 in Vienna.

Earsel Imaging Spectroscopy Workshop – Brno


The Earsel Imaging Spectroscopy Workshop 2019 was organized by CzechGlobe in February in Brno, Czech Republic. The aim of the conference is to introduce the latest developments in hyperspectral data assessment and process, accordingly, demonstrate future perspectives and potential projects.

Negotiation practices and stress management training


In February our GINOP-6.1.6-17-2018-00115 project has been started with training.

Complex ICT development of business procedures of Envirosense Hungary Ltd.


During the project an ERP system is developed and introduced which supports the flexible time and space organization structure of Envirosense Hungary Ltd.

Training and competence training to enlarge competitiveness of Envirosense Hungary Ltd.


For company development, to increase human resource management efficiency and to exploit our capabilities it is necessary to train our workforce.

Acquisition of assets to develop new services at Envirosense Hungary Ltd.


In the frame of the project a Hasselblad A6D-100c digital camera + objective was purchased.

Expanding the service capacity of Envirosense Hungary Ltd.


In frame of the project a high performance data storage and archiving system was purchased, which ensures the store, archive and access of the produced large data quantity.

Upcoming events


In 2019 we actively participate on various national and international conferences, exhibitions and workshops.

Annual retrospection – 2018 was a successful year for Envirosense


Our company looks back for 2018 as a successful year. We expanded our portfolio with several new fields of application, broadened the list of our products.

InterGEO 2018 Trade fair


As last year, we represented ourselves as exhibitors in Frankfurt, Germany at InterGEO 2018, the largest trade fair of geodesy and remote sensing in Europe.

Why to use LiDAR in Ecology


One of our colleague, Zoltan Kovacs took part a course "Why to use LiDAR in Ecology" at the University of Aarhus. The objective of the course was to give the participants the tools and insight needed to get started with analyses of LiDAR data of relevance for answering their ecological questions.

Advanced training of ESA


Our colleague, Orsolya Varga participated in the advanced training of ESA between 10. and 14. September in Leicester (UK). The training was about ESA’s satellite products, especially focusing on Sentinel satellite system.

Trainee from Turkey


We were happy to welcome our intern from Turkey, Seyma Akca, who spent her 2 months long internship at our company between August and October.

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