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Why to use LiDAR in Ecology

One of our colleague, Zoltan Kovacs took part a course "Why to use LiDAR in Ecology" at the University of Aarhus. The objective of the course was to give the participants the tools and insight needed to get started with analyses of LiDAR data of relevance for answering their ecological questions.

The course alternated between lectures, where the students were introduced to the different methods, and exercises, where the students applied the methods to various data sets. Based on the course the students are able to: (1) Understand the basic principles of LiDAR and its applications in environmental science, (2) Understand the principles of LiDAR data, (3) Be able to perform basic analyses and processing of LiDAR data. During the course the students have introduced to the software package OPALS (Orientation and Processing of Airborne Laser Scanning data) where they became familiar the basics of the scripting language as well as the QGIS plug in.

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